one of our favorite things to do on any given day is take a family walk. however, i must admit, once i’m out the door i’m very happy to be, but often when i’m in the house there’s always stuff to be done and it’s hard to pull me away. andy is so good at how he encourages me to let go of the little things and enjoying being – in so, so many areas of my life. our family walks have been a good reminder of the letting go for me.

we walk at various times throughout the days. sometimes the kids and andy go in the morning, sometimes a couple of us go in the afternoon, and sometimes we go in the evening, before or after dinner.  we live in such a fun neighborhood. lots of tree-lined streets, and loads of different routes we can take. we often see an assortment of creatures – our favorite is spotting the rabbits hiding in the tall grass. usually andy teaches the kids something about nature, living outdoors, or something useful that the kids will benefit from sometime in life.  i love having a big family, and spending time together. i love these new memories we are making in our beautiful city… and choosing to let things go more & more.


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  1. Aunt Nancy says:

    Walks are such a wonder-full way to just BE with each other. Great conversations about Life – the little stuff and the big. Makes me think of the paths we’ve walked in the Holy Land, wishing we could “listen in” on the unrecorded conversations the disciples had with Jesus, and WE have some pretty wonderful conversations with Him as well! Blessings on you all! Thanks for sharing your family life with us!

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