Happy Monday and happy Leap Day! Funny how these extra days in February creep up on us every four years.  For me, though, I’m ready to put February behind and move onto March.. and SPRING! Not that it was a bad month, in any way.  It was rather nice, and short. Andy was traveling a bit more this month, so we like to try to make things extra fun when he’s away.  We did get a bit more snow and then the past couple of weekends have been so sunny and quite warm for this time of year. The kids have gone from pants and jackets to shorts and t-shirts within days of each other. With March upon us, I’m quite looking forward to sunshiny days ahead. During this transition into Spring, when this area is mostly bug-free, I’ll be opening the windows (screen or not!) and welcoming the warm cool breeze for all of us to enjoy.

Here’s a bit of what our days have included over the past couple of weeks…

+ Breakfast on the first sunshine-filled Saturday we had seen in a while.
+ We really love Iron Man around here.
+ Citrus loaf bread (just another form of cake, right!?) on Sunday morning… recipe to come in a couple of days!
+ Almost time to put her marshmallow jacket away till next winter!
+ Ever since Andy’s been back from his quick visit to our hometown, we’ve been attempting to make our coffee cubano which our (sweetest, and most darling barista!) niece made for him.
+ Watching one of Melissa McCarthy’s funny SNL skits.
+ Just another morning with her and her “sunnies.”
+ New blooms, and a moment to sit while waiting for breakfast.
+ What is it with kids wanting to play on the street grates?!
+ Hey guys can you look up at me? and lovin Axel’s expression.
+ Just back from a trip and making us his regularly requested restaurant-worthy pizza.
+ Back in those glasses again!
+ Coconut + chocolate muffins… a recipe for coconut bread that Ottie and I changed up one morning and turned into yummy muffins.
+ Our stoop and walkway are thoroughly designed by kids and neighborhood friends these days.

Have a great week!


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