all five of our kids’ birthdays are within two months of each other.  two sets of two have their birthdays within two weeks of each other. and zion is born on my nana’s birthday which is so special in remembering her for myself and my mom’s family. it makes our fall season not only my favorite because of the change in weather, beautiful turning and falling leaves… but very most of all because we get to celebrate each of our special gifts that we’ve been given, in our children.

from thirteen years ago and bringing zoe home from the hospital in seattle, to two years ago and doing the same with ottilie (just in california), our lives changed forever… and only for the better! andy & i love, with every part of our being, getting to spend each day with these five lovelies and sharing, treasuring, and being part of their silliness, child-like faith, love, and creative minds. there are often days that we are breathless with all the energy abounding from our home, yet, as each year passes i am reminded that time does go quickly and these are the beautiful years to cherish with our kids. we are SO thankful, not only this thanksgiving season, but every day.


p.s. thinking of you mom, tia, uncle matt & pj this past sunday, and remembering sweet nana and her kindness and love. xo

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