this time of year makes me giddy with anticipation of all the holiday baking and goodness that will be coming out of the kitchen. especially lately, i have been planning how our time will be spent…which weekends to bake what, and it all makes me squeal with excitement.  truth is, for the past two years we haven’t had a christmas where things were pretty normal and we were just home, fully able to enjoy every day of the holiday season.  two years ago, i had just given birth to ottilie and was recovering from a surgery that put me down for a while. and last year, well, we were in route to nashville during the month of december.

this year i’m pulling out some of our favorite cookbooks and revisiting some of those timeless meals and desserts. next week, for thanksgiving, we will try some new flavors like a brûléed bourbon-maple pumpkin pie (WHAT?!?!), and maybe even more pies from this cookbook, which i am loving. (it’s so hard to narrow down to one pie when you see the flavor combinations put together!) i’m also loving homemade with love for her easy pre-mixes she makes (among lots of other goodness!); the stunning photography and delicious recipes in this cookbook; and the mad hungry series of books by lucinda scala quinn.

i’d love to know some of your favorite cookbooks and recipes this most wonderful time of year? will you share?…



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  1. Dede Goddard says:

    Anna, you have to try this pie…a few years ago I made it at Thanksgiving and got it from Bon Appetit. I think you could probably find it on epicurious.com. It was called “Crack Pie” by Momofuko (?) in New York. It was sooo delicious. A little time consuming but so worth it. Named for it’s addictive quality!! Look it up and let me know what you think. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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