we are nearing the end of our time away as a family. i’ve learned a lot on this little trip of ours. and i know that if i really think about the things/moments/conversations around me daily, i can learn all kinds of life-lessons regularly. it’s been good to slow things down to nothing. it’s been great to not have anything on my planner, and no agenda for our days. it’s been perfect just being us. and just being together.

and now it’s september. one of my favorite months. because fall begins in a few short weeks. the other day i started thinking about my love for the coming season, and when that all began. what i remember, is the school season starting, the start of those foggy days, wearing sweaters and shorts, then jackets everyday. freshly sharpened pencils, as quoted in my favorite flick. and maybe it’s just nostalgia, but my affection for this time of year has just grown stronger and stronger with each coming year. now, i share my love for fall with such a passion and excitement that i’ve converted my friends who were not lovers of autumn, to become one of us.

so, happy september to you all. it’s a beautiful new month and the start of wonderful things to come.  xo

p.s. i’ll be sharing some snippets of our time away next week.

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  1. Emily says:

    It was foggy the past couple days and I thought if you since you are one if the few people who truly appreciates fall and enjoys with the abandon enthusiasm it inspires.

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