hi! it’s our first full week of no school, and we are loving it. it’s been several years since we were out of school in may. living in california, the school’s didn’t get done until mid-june. now we coincide with the nashville school district, ending in may, and it feels so great to be DONE!!

this week i began my yearly clean everything out ordeal. i used to do it every year right after christmas… new gifts in, old stuff out! however, i didn’t do it this january, and since we’ve lived here over a year now i’m really cleaning things out. i’ve just begun and already filled a trash bag and have boxes of things to donate. our attic hallway is loaded with stuff to go through, and the end result is always so freeing! i love it.

in other news, i threw our trash bag on a raccoon IN OUR TRASH BIN yesterday! i am really wishing we had some hidden camera outside so i could watch my reaction to this absolutely crazy experience. recently, we have been aware that there is a raccoon sneaking around our back yard area; and it’s not unusual since we have the creek lined with enormous trees behind us, providing a home to an array of wild animals in our neighborhood. however, i wasn’t expecting to see one crawling out of the trash as i lifted the lid and a heavy bag (filled with junk!) tossing it onto said raccoon’s head. oops. and scary. and i screamed. and ran up the stairs and fell, (tripping on my flip-flop). and screamed some more. and it was pouring down rain (like being in a shower). now that it’s over and i’m not sopping wet, and shaking, with a bruised up ankle, i really, really wish i could re-watch this. i laugh at the image of what i for sure must have looked like. if only someone would have seen me.

and on that note, y’all have a wonderful friday and weekend. love from nashville. xo


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  1. Penny Malley says:

    That’s why people living in Nashville don’t wear flip-flops. It’s the beach girl in you. 😉 I went into a store in Franklin, and they were selling Haviana flip-flops. When I commented on how much we love them, the salesperson said she had never heard of them before. What??!! It’s basically all I wear 9 months out of the year. (More if it’s not raining.) 🙂 SO jealous that you’re done with school!! We have one more week. And today is History Day. Togas for everyone!

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