Today was not anything like I had hoped for.  I spent earlier this week doing errands so today, Friday, the fun last day of the week around here could be spent at home, getting loads of things accomplished from my ever-growing list of to-do’s. I was not anticipating the colds that have lingered through every one of us to hit me hard mid-week and to put me down on the couch by today… my Friday!

I had plans. Albeit, they may not be huge plans, but still! One of which would be spending lots of time in the kitchen, baking, doing one of my favorite things these days. I have ingredients ready to toss and stir, and yet, I’m realizing that may not be a reality for me.

Sick days, when they are not happening to you, sometimes seems dreamy.  Like when you were a kid and you faked it, and that faking actually led to some belief that you were sick so mom let you stay home and sit in front of the tv all day.  Only to find it’s really not all that great. In fact, for me, who likes to be up and about one-thousand percent of the time, it really stinks.  Like the time I gave birth to Ottie followed by an emergency surgery that kept me in the hospital for an extra four days, not to mention a four-week recovery once we were home.  No way.  The day after we got home from the hospital I was up at six am, making muffins for the family. Crazy. And you know, later that day I realized why I needed to be resting for days on end.  My body couldn’t expend that energy, and I had to learn the hard way.  But, I believe the internal struggle for us as mothers is so real, we want to get up and do and serve and provide and love and be there all the time, and when we can’t, well, it’s plain hard.

So, today, on this Friday, I have my tea, and these angelic children of ours are not only taking care of me in the sweetest ways possible, but they have also dispersed themselves throughout the house to give me some peaceful time, so this head of mine doesn’t explode.  Not to mention, I am not the only one down for the count. There will indeed be lots of resting and movie watching and blankets and well, all I want is anything salty and buttery so that too, and time to look around and appreciate all that we do have, and how rest for our bodies is good, and to convince myself of that minute by minute.  It is so good, and I have so much to learn on this Friday of mine.


5 Responses to fuzzy head ramblings.

  1. Karen Curran says:

    Rest well today, dear Anna?

  2. Mary Stokes says:

    What do you mean “you faked being sick when you were young”?!

  3. Susie Dunham says:

    Forced rest is cruel. Like a punishment instead of a sabbatical. I’ve been in the same situation with pulled/strained/non-cooperating abdominal/groin muscles. Don’t be fooled when you start feeling better. You can’t jump up and start doing ‘normal’ stuff. Patience for you Anna. Patience and duct tape to keep you on the couch. “Feel better soons” for the whole family.

  4. Nancy Kochsmeier says:

    Aaaah,rest! Let it cuddle you like your warmest blanket and just BE. (Do you still have that word on your wall? I have always thought that’s such a good word for a home!) Hope all are feeling better soon! Love from Nevada!

  5. Heather Newman says:

    Praying you can rest well! Enjoy those sweet littles taking care of you!

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