yesterday, nashville and our surrounding areas had a severe weather threat all day. destructive tornados did sadly destroy people’s lives and homes in arkansas and mississippi over the past couple of days; and the threat is still very real for us and those living in the south-eastern region of the country. today the sun is out but the reality that storms come and go, and can destroy lives so severely seemed much more real to me today than ever. i woke up being extremely thankful for the protection we have had, the people praying for our safety, and the sun that is shining today (even though the warm weather can become more of a threat for a tornado). our children are a constant reminder of this joyful and wonderful life we’ve been given. and while we have another night to get through with potential damaging storms heading our way, i will continue to pray and be thankful for each day we have been given and have together. life is so very sweet and something to be cherished each and every day.


the above photo was taken yesterday afternoon, sitting at my desk. and this blurry one of ottie was taken this morning as the sun was out again.




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