i am re-living memories of our sweet big girl as i watch her with her little sister these days. i know that’s a common saying – to cherish your kids as they grow up because before you know it, they are adults and on their own. i remember when zoe was as little as ottie here, and now she’s the one holding her sweet little sis.

Zoe’s friend, Katie, came over recently and did a photo shoot with Zoe.  They love doing this, and Katie is quite talented too. She has an artistic eye, and always chooses creative settings. They are beautiful pictures of Zoe… here she is… all teenage looking… (wimper wimper wimper)

she is so so beautiful. and not only outwardly…she shines in all she does, is passionate, and full of love for others and life. the best part about this is that we get to do it all over again with ottilie… and these years ahead with zoe are going to be some of the best! we can have our cake and eat it too.


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