Today started later than I was hoping, my little morning routine immediately squashed. It’s Monday after all, yet I woke up with a little more jump in my step than usual.  Yesterday I put more of an effort into the day being restful for me.  Andy was just back from a work trip, and I was ready to put my feet up.  Rest is not something that comes easy for me. I am a do person, a get-up-and-go person, I like to move-it-move-it… I get energy from being on my feet.  Ask my kids how many times I fall asleep during family movies.  The idea of allowing my body time to recover, rejuvenate and refresh doesn’t sound interesting to me. So, most of my life I’ve opposed all of it. Until now… I am finding how important it is for me (and for my family) to find the type of rest I need.  It is a different thing for every individual, and one I am working on discovering.  No conclusions as to what works well for me, as of yet, but I’m sure I’ll keep on sharing as I keep on learning.

I am convinced, however, that today, on this Monday, I have much more grace with myself and my family. All the messes, and piles, and untidiness that is our life(!!) isn’t bothering me like it often can.  My empty day-planner hasn’t even been written in for the week yet, and it’s a-okay! I am not a type-A personality so planning and organizing are things that I have to work at. Nonetheless, I am trying to become more… responsible, should I say? Writing things down and crossing them off is helping me stay focused and on track with some goals. But today, I have a renewed sense of everything… it’s Monday, a day to be free and run outside, drink loads of coffee, eat cookies, and catch up on laundry. To let the kids wear short-sleeves and pretend it’s still warm weekend weather… while we do school work through it all.  One of the greatest pieces of homeschooling is this – life happening all around us in the midst of our learning.

I’m not certain why today feels different to me.  Is it because I deliberately tried to allow some refreshment for my soul? Is it because it’s Monday and well.. it’s Monday! Whatever it is, I am positively sure of one thing… this is how we will do Monday’s from now on.  Because it is a good day to start a great week. Don’t ya think?! If not, why don’t you make it? Happy Monday to you!





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