so it’s the end of the month, and what a month it was. so. much. time. indoors. we longed for snow, and had little of it for just how freezing cold it was. i’m holding out hope for february. we’ve spent time snuggling, in blankets always, reading the hobbit, watching movies, baking little (because our kitchen is filled with windows that keeps it extra cold!), planning, recharging, and dreaming… always dreaming.





which, i’m learning still.. to be present in all our days. i am quite a dreamer. i love being one, too… but at times, it can be a downfall. often off in la-la land a little too much, escaping the presence, and those i’m with too easily. there’s a balance in dreaming and i long to stay in that balance.








for the first month of the year i’ve been working on starting things. i tend to plan and desire and dream about doing things… but when it comes down to it, the start is the hard part for me. procrastination is a major part of who i am (i know it’s SO horrible!!) and while i’m not happy to admit that i’m great at putting things off, i’m happy to say i’m ready to change this bad habit.

i’ve started the year with baby steps (those words make me smile, thank you what about bob!), setting all my distractions (that come whirling at me by the second, every single day) aside and just DOING. it’s felt great, and i’m enjoying getting things done, checking off my daily lists and actually accomplishing things. i even feel a little funny writing all this, but you know, i’m pretty much an ordinary girl who is ready to learn and grow and share my life with those in it. i want to be an open book… i’m not one who likes to appear to have things together. ha! having it all together is pretty much the opposite of my life!




so, i’ll end this month with a quote by mark twain, “the secret to getting ahead, is getting started.”

if i can encourage you at all… GO and DO and start something new. begin to dream and allow yourself to mess up. it’s all part of life, and it’s all so beautiful. living each day so wonderfully, even if it’s the most boring day… just know that it’s got some good in it because you’re in this world. you’re wonderful. xo

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