It’s Friday!! I’m sitting here at the kitchen table, listening to Andy whisk up pastry cream for his sampling of a special dessert he’s making for some friends on Christmas Eve. Ezra just finished making the pizza dough for our usual “Friday night pizza + a movie night” around here. It is rawther warm outside (can you tell Eloise is on repeat around here?! I love that girl!), and the reality of Christmas being in just two weeks from today is settling in.  Lots do, as usual, but also lots to not do.  This year we are keeping things a bit more simple, and not over-committing as we tend to do… and it’s been quite refreshing.  Ottie and I have a little goal to watch as many Christmas movies as we possibly can, so it’s been almost one a day with our ongoing list we are checking off. During dinner last night we discussed with the kids what goodies we want to bake this year, for others, and ourselves (of course!) Oh, and we’ve been watching The Great British Bake-Off, which has opened up a whole ‘nother level of pastry and doughs and deliciousness we want to try. Such jolly times… food, friends, fires crackling, snuggles in warm blankets, cocoa, family, games, movies, twinkling lights and dreaming of snow…oh, one of these years, I am truly holding out hope for a white Christmas… it would fill my heart so much, I just think it could possibly burst.

Have a holly jolly weekend, friends. xo

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