hello!  it’s been way too long since i’ve written… i’ve had many different thoughts and photos i’ve started typing up to share that just never got finished! so, i wanted to make sure to pop in because JULY went and is gone, and it was full of activity and sunshine and goodness all around. and now we are in one of my most favorite months… AUGUST (i actually want to name a child that, maybe, some day, when…err, if we adopt, i’d love August in the name somewhere.) anyhow…


life is SO, SO good. lots of newness and changes happening as we are beginning school soon, and i’m looking forward to the structure and more intentional creative moments that schooling here brings to our home. we have a vacation planned too which we are all extremely excited for… time at the beach, and the pool, and no agenda just time together and time to rest and refresh; with this wonderful family of ours.

and now to finish out this week strong… compiling my lists of school books, and getting all the paperwork required for tennessee turned in, and then i can get into the creative side of schooling and planning – the part i’m looking forward to. for now, i have loads of inspiration in my brain and need to get it onto paper and into hearts.

happy august to all of you… those we love near and far, and may this new month bring excitement in new ways to you and your wonderfuls. xo

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