we have a phrase that we all talked about and came up with one night at dinner, that is written largely on our chalkboard… it says slowdown and enjoy the moment. with a large family, homeschool, friends, creative ideas, music, outings, the day-to-day happenings… life can get very full. however, as a family, we have made a choice to begin stopping and savoring the moments that can so quickly be forgotten, or pass by without much notice, and see the beauty in them. we have fun conversations, lots of laughter, and good discussions during any given meal in our home. there is always music of some sort playing – whether it’s live from any one of the kids, or andy; in the background (we have an addiction to soundtracks from harry potter, pirates, alice, avengers, lord of the rings, narnia, etc…), or for dancing, by myself, or with the kids (wink wink). there are piles of books in all areas of our home, a true love for them, giving us a wide assortment for times of reading, looking, or inspiration to happen. the yard where we live is beautiful and great for exploring and wading in the creek on days that are on the warmer side. (or for finding new animals… our most recent a friendly bunny). my love for baking is only growing stronger so we have an abundance of goodness coming out of our kitchen on a regular basis.  (we recently did fresh strawberry cupcakes for a friend’s birthday which proved to be my new favorite sweet addiction). the kids are picking the camera up more often, capturing moments they can look back on in a memory. our little one is full of excitement and always a huge source of entertainment for us. (she has a special connection with zion and definitely carries his personality and sense of humor). the kids are enjoying poetry as part of our daily routine and we are laughing about the silly poems they make up, or read from one of our favorites, shel silverstein.

there is so very much to be grateful for in this life we’ve been given. not one day passes by that we don’t enjoy each fleeting moment.


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  1. Ezra Swanson says:

    Loved helping you roast the peanuts

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