yesterday i was telling the kids that prior to moving here people would tell us, “you will love nashville in the springtime”… and boy were they right.  perfect temperature, running and playing outside after dinner, sun shining and illuminating through the windows. my perfect kind of day. i love having the doors and windows open, whenever possible. we were so used to that most days at the beach, and here, well it’s not the beach, so i treasure it on these days.

our days have been pretty full lately, but not in a way that wears us down, but rather invigorates us. we spend lots of time with people who inspire and have similar visions, and are passionate about life. we are finding that meeting new friends, and connecting with people here in nashville is much easier than it seemed to be in other places we’ve been.  maybe it’s just us. maybe it’s this new season. but we love it. and we are embracing it. it’s so, so good. and we are so, very happy.

one of our favorite teachers is going to be moving out soon and we are beyond excited.  her family here in nashville have become some of our closest friends and we cherish them deeply. we are already anticipating some fun adventures with everyone once they get here. this weekend we are planning to go strawberry picking at a nearby farm, and traversing through a new little town. me and the girls along with the sweetest sisters, and maybe others. oh, and did you see the chipmunk? we have those in addition to our many squirrels around our yard.  they are pretty cute, and speedy quick! they do remind me of alvin a bit… cute, as long as they stay out of the house!


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