because this is the week of all things lovely, i’ve snapped a few shots of odds & ends around the house that i love. whether it’s a little bit of snow on our deck, my favorite gold paperclips, or dried eucalyptus—making a house a home means putting pieces of yourself into it, and having those odds & ends mean something special to you.

—i have a serious love of candles, as they bring such a warmth and aroma into our home. needless to say, i usually have two or three favorites in different rooms burning most every day. our kids get a kick out of me asking how that candle is still burning when our quirky lightbulb that looks like a flame (which i found in our attic) is left on for hours.
—if i had space, i would put most everything in jars, lined up in my kitchen, (like my mom and tia do)… for now i have them scattered about.
—and bits of chocolate…this is a must in our home. whether it’s for baking, snacking or used in an afternoon coffee; an assortment of chocolate is… well, they say it’s good for you, no? i will take it.

but most of all my favorite things in my home are those who make it home. they are the true joy to my heart. nothing means nearly as much as andy and our wonderfuls who i get to share this life with. i love, love, LOVE my dearest family.

p.s. the wonderful tray, from my mom, is from the new novogratz line at macy’s. it is by far my most favorite yet. she knows me so, so well. love you mom.



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