we have so much to be thankful for. yesterday was a wonderful time together with our other family here in nashville. one from california, and the other two sisters from virginia… all here together, all family to us. our day was not too fancy, and definitely not a perfect meal (i burnt the stuffing!!!), but that didn’t matter. the time together, enjoying and being thankful was what made the day so special.




jo made darling name cards and tied them around our napkins. zoe, selena, and zion set the table up and i put a few candles and knick knacks as decoration. we set up buffet style since our table doesn’t fit too much food on it with ten people gathered around. we tried new things like roasted cauliflower (loved!!), a vanilla amish pie, and a different pumpkin pie that was good… but i have to admit, it wasn’t the traditional pumpkin pie that we truly love.





in years past, we have spent several thanksgiving days with my in-laws, who are coming to nashville next week for a visit. we will be having a second thanksgiving dinner with them next weekend. the turkey that andy traditionally makes is our very favorite, and one we decided to make just once with his parents (i think it’s their favorite too, but i don’t want to get in trouble with the rest of his family so i won’t speak for them! wink-wink!) our turkey yesterday was made with this recipe, which was really delicious and will make for some great sandwiches and soup this weekend.



ezra walked around with the camera snapping up parts of the day, (which are half of these pictures on here!). there was card playing, games, movies, christmas music and candy, snuggling by the fire, and of course new christmas jammies for all! hope your day with your loved ones was wonderful!





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  1. Heather says:

    Love the pajama tradition! And that table, oh my <3

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