A few of you have mentioned that you were interested in the coffee toffee recipe I used when I referred to making the candy over Christmas; and voila! I have it for you… and just in time for Valentine’s Day! I came across the simple recipe in this cookbook of mine. The author is a food blogger (one of the best food blogs of all time), and she has shared this exact recipe on her very wonderful blog. All that is needed is for me to leave you with the link.

It was surprisingly quite easy to make. You will want to be sure to have a candy thermometer on hand. What is required is the ability to move quick, and have all your ingredients prepped and ready to go. Then, it’s just cook, pour, sprinkle, spread, and sprinkle again. And, we took Deb’s advice and popped the tray into our freezer to set quicker and ultimately be able to eat even sooner. (wink!)

Here is the link, and some notes to what I did:

  • I used molasses, not honey or corn syrup.
  • I used fine sea salt.
  • I used chocolate chips, but I like to cut them smaller so when they set there aren’t as many lumps of chips.
  • I made it with hazelnuts on a couple of occasions, and with almonds (not skinned, but toasted) the last time; and both were delicious.

I also froze a batch and they were just as good after a couple of weeks in the freezer as when they were just made.  Give them a try, and I hope they are just what you expected! (And my fair warning to you, they are incredibly addicting!)

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