as part of our goals for this beautiful new year, we have asked each of our kids to pick one craft that they would like to master this year.  at dinner last night, we went around the table and shared what our craft would be.

for ezra he wants to become a better cook. he loves to bake but this year he wants to experiment more with whole foods, chopping, stirring, using his head to put together good flavor combinations. zion wants to learn photoshop.  he is the one who, like me, loves design.  his eye is always noticing interesting angles, composition, colors, and finding something amazing in the smallest detail. zoe wants to master frosting cakes. we will start with her making batches upon batches of frosting and using her tips to create swirls, stars, rosettes, lines, etc. onto wax paper for practice. she may get tired of the repitition and just want to get on with the decorating actual cakes that can be eaten (won’t we all!?!?), but we will start small and slowly work with her to eventually be practicing on cakes. axel is torn between cooking and drumming. i think we will steer him more toward cooking and allow drums to be used for his art time. and for myself, i’m hoping to tag along with ezra and learn a bit more about flavor combinations; as well as zion because i need to actually learn photoshop for myself. i have a couple other crafts i would like to master that i will share later on.

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  1. Daniel D. says:

    I love this idea! We are driving 6 year old Katie to dance class so she can learn structure and discipline in an art form she naturally loves and gravitates to. She will also get a chance to plant her own vegetable garden this year. Micah is only 3, so we’re debating a children’s jiu jitsu class so he can learn some discipline in how he expresses his manly urge to fight evil.

    Looking forward to hearing about your children’s projects!

    • Anna Swanson says:

      Love this Daniel,and LOVE your kids. which, we need to see Levi STAT! oh, and we are planning to do a garden with Jo… more on that later, but we are so excited for gardening 101 to start up soon! would love to hear what you do with Katie and her garden.

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