well, we are two weeks into the new year.  i wanted to share some things we are looking forward to doing with the kids, for school, with friends and for fun. i believe that different things we do in life intertwine and don’t have to be compartmentalized… so, we do them for fun, and for school, for creating, and for being together.

one activity that is happening most always in our home is art. any type, really. our kids will draw on whatever paper they find, paint jars, they will cut out signs made out of cardboard, create weekly newspapers and weather reports, make coffee-holders out of paper towels, they will paint the words and their illustration of a poem with watercolors, build with legos, and paint canvases for most new seasons we come upon. i love that the kids’ paintings line the hallway upstairs, (and elsewhere) and that i can change them out per season; pulling out a painting of sand and ocean, and we all remember what it was like living by the beach.

we are choosing to spend even more concentrated time on art and designs this year.  there are projects we have looked at creating, that we will make to hang on walls, from ceilings, or become gifts to give away. or maybe it’s just a darling cookie for a wet day outside or a bookmark for our books we enjoy.  our time is going to become even more focused on new ways to be, or stay creative artistically.

a dear friend of ours, who is more like family, is coming over regularly to participate in this with us. she is bringing some very fun art supplies of her own to add to the mix, and is one talented artsy gal who will add great fun and help to the projects we do. we created a pinterest board for some of these projects and i am realizing today that i have two other creative/make at home type boards that i need to merge all together. (ahhh!! pinerest, i love you, and at times i hate you). bring on the beautiful merrymaking 2014!  xo

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