this girl. she loves helping out in the kitchen. whatever it is i’m making she is the first to push over the stool, climb up and get ahold of whatever is on the counter. this particular day we were making muffins. she has become quite skilled at lining all the tins for me. lately i’ve taught her to cut our softened butter into smaller slices to allow for quicker mixing or melting… and using a big butter knife seems to be pretty special to her. (and a bit heavy!)

with our other kids, we loved teaching them about helping in the kitchen from a young age. but, because i always had a toddler and a nursing baby (repeatedly) i didn’t have as much time to work one-on-one with the older one. it’s so much different with ottie. (many things are.) she sees our older kids working with us and making their own food, baked goods, etc; and she wants in on the action. i love that she picks up everything that she’s surrounded by so very quickly.

over the years i’ve learned to expect the mess, the spills, the  mistakes in recipes, or the flattened cakes. these times together can turn into small life lessons. these kids will (hopefully) know about messing up and picking up the pieces and trying again. and for myself, i love learning right alongside each one of our wonderfuls. there’s always something beautiful to learn, and just as importantly, to laugh about.


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  1. LMello says:

    Boy, our girls would have a GREAT time together! I can relate to what you posted as a mom. L’s currently sporting just her Hello Kitty calsas (aka undies, if your Portuguese isn’t up to date). Until just recently, we were a household of 3 accomplished cooks for her to glean from. But the silver lining: now N’s mom has more time and inclination to get back into baking/cooking again…to be V’avo for LuLi and Pau more often. Which is great for me to learn from, also…or just take a much-needed and rarely taken break. 🙂 You all look wonderful. Thanks so much for posting. Love the photos, too. We miss your family here, but am stoked for all you’re up to over there.

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