kind, caring, loving, funny, thoughtful, joyful, honoring, tender, nurturing, beautiful – inside & out. these words, and a whole host of others, describe my beautiful and wonderful mom. if you know her, you know that they are true. if you have been able to spend any time with her, you know that her laugh is contagious, and that she gets excited about the smallest things – which i happen to be happy about as i’ve inherited that trait from her. she’s been with us through three of our five kids births. and she’s loved each of our children as though they were her own, or better.

as i look back through these fairly recent pictures of her, i become overwhelmed with love and gratitude for her and all she’s done and been to me, and my family. she taught me what it means to be a mom and to put things aside for our kids. she has shown me what it meant to love well despite how others, even those closest to you, are treating you.  she has overcome battles with health, and walks out in wholeness in her body – taking the best care of it that she knows how.  she has stood by my dad’s side as his support and cheerleader as long as i’ve watched her. there is nothing that she doesn’t strive to do with dignity and excellence.

today is her birthday. how i wish i could be next to her squeezing her, playing at the pool with the kids and laughing together. but, until i am, i want you to know, mom, that i am one of your biggest cheerleaders and i am eternally grateful for all your love and dedication to me & noah, andy, and our kids. i love you with all my heart and forever.  happy birthday.


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  1. Dede Goddard says:

    Anna, what a beautiful tribute to your mom and my little sister. I am so proud of you for seeing and understanding her for the person she is. I wouldn’t trade her for anyone…and because of her, I get you and your five wonderfuls!

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