today marks our one year of arriving in our new home, here in nashville. it was fun to have andy’s parents here this past week as we remembered that drive out east… following one another in moving trucks and our vehicles. it has been such a terrific year. we have met some people, who have become such close friends & will forever be a part of our family. and we have begun some traditions, and made some changes for our family for the better. we still hold our hearts in california… the place where both andy & i were born, and where all of our extended family’s reside. california will always be home in the sense of where we’ve grown up and spent some years…  but now, in nashville, we are thrilled to be calling this new city home. our hearts are so happy, and fulfilled…and we are truly smitten.

these pictures are oldies from my phone upon arriving to our home… december 11, 2012.



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  1. Katie says:

    It’s really encouraging to read this post! We have recently moved to Washington, and while it’s not the distance that Nashville is, it’s far enough away from our beloved friends and family that it might as well be! We are struggling a tad during this holiday season but know the friends, memories and traditions we are starting here will become a part of our lives forever; just as in California. It’s been very fun to follow your blog Anna 🙂

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