Never does a day go by that I’m not extremely grateful to be home with these kids. Guiding them, and now that they’re older, allowing them room to self-learn and grow is something that has brought us closer than I could have ever imagined. Each morning, we all gather around our table, packed in and filled up with books, snacks, whiteboards, papers, pencils, and candles, and we work… often on different subjects, but together. There is always lots of talking, and laughing, drawing on one another, and losing focus, but learning and understanding is always a part of our day to day. (As well as a little four-year old often attempting to answer the kids questions as though the answer is as plain as day. You just color in the circles!) These kids are learning so many valuable lessons, one being how to work amidst the loud and the constant.

Over the many years in which we have home-educated, I have come to realize that it is so much more than just teaching kids at home. It allows freedom for our family and flexibility with our days. The kids are constantly with each other and working together which allows friendships to form in a beautiful way. Helping one another, teaching Ottilie so many things, spending loads of hours reading and playing, being creative with their gifts and talents, or trying new things are just some of the benefits I find. But most of all, the immense closeness I find between all seven of us is the greatest joy to me as a mom, one I thank God for daily.

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  1. Karen Curran says:

    Anna, I love seeing the enjoyment you find in your family. So very precious. You are blessed:)

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