this is our little kitchen. a few of you have asked to share some pieces of our new home here in nashville, so here it is. the first few pictures are taken by zion, who loves walking around the house taking pictures of random things. he took these of the kitchen a while back and i’ve been meaning to share them. i could have retaken them and had things all cute & styled for ya, but i didn’t cause i do try to be as true to our everyday family life as possible on here.

because we are renting this home, we haven’t changed anything in this space. but there certainly is a nostalgic charm in here. from the checkered floors and the vintage knobs & pulls, to the vintage circling lighting fixture, to the old windows, it brings about a feeling of the original kitchen that was standing here in the 194o’s. in a home, the kitchen is often the place where most people end up gathering, and in ours it does not differ, despite the size.  at times, we have some limits as to how many kids can squeeze into it, especially when we are working one-on-one with a child. but we also like to live by the motto if you can do it small, you can do it big.  size really shouldn’t matter or limit anyone from doing something they love. for us and all who come into our home, we love the charming, cozy, and comforting space this kitchen has become… and of course, all the yumminess that comes out of it.



2 Responses to our little kitchen.

  1. Susana says:

    I love the one that says “Be nice or leave, thank you” That’s my favorite!!!

  2. Emily says:

    Fun. 🙂

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