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this little curly-haired two year old is such a hoot, and so very different than zoe was at this age. she is surrounded by three older brothers, so naturally, she finds excitement in everything they do and enjoy. from legos to swords, spiderman to the hulk (or as she calls him hulk smash!), she loves it all. while zoe was into polly pockets, and coloring princesses, ottilie has her own spiderman coloring sheets and runs around swinging the boys swords. she wears many of axel’s old clothes, even those a bit big for her right now. i shop for her in the boys section, and when i suggest she wear a cute dress she responds with no ottie wear dress, mom, ottie wear spiderman!  her favorite shirt (as seen above, and worn daily if clean) is her marvel t-shirt, a $5 target buy that is like gold around here! (and when it does get washed she squeals with excitement that she can wear it again!)

with her older sister being a teenager it’s fun to see how they interact together as well. they like to color together, or do each other’s hair. zoe reads to her, snuggling her so sweetly and rubbing her hands (which often causes her to fall asleep). zoe’s passed on some of her old “american girl” dolls, and showed ottie how to dress them and fix their hair. even now as i’m typing this, ottie is changing her baby’s diaper and pulling out handfuls of wipes to do so.

the exchanges and interactions between this sweet little girl and her siblings is always fascinating for us to watch. i absolutely believe in birth order affecting children’s upbringing in certain ways; and i think it can be a great thing to foster each child’s ‘position’ in the family in a positive way. i do know that all four of our older kids are growing up learning how to care for, and nurture in new ways that they wouldn’t have known had we not had another baby a couple years back. and for that, and these tender-hearted siblings i’m extremely grateful. xo

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  1. Dede Goddard says:

    Anna, reading about Zoe rubbing Ottie’s hands makes me think of when Natalie was little and I would read her a story in bed. She loved my hands and would rub them and hold them while I read. One night she said, “Mommy, when I get married I want you to come on my honeymoon with me so I can hold your hands at night.” She said it helped her to go to sleep! Oh, sweet innocence! I doubt if she still feels that way!!

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