Over the past couple of years, I have had the opportunity to cater some smaller events, and through these I have learned so very much about planning ahead and the detail involved. For me, I tend to not like schedules and structure (in my mind strict have-to’s in my day… I wrote about this subject a while back here). And, while I know the importance of being organized, when it comes to planning meals for our family, I feel like I am often trying different methods, reading about what works and doesn’t for some, or just too overwhelmed with all the options out there that I just stick with some of our regular meal rotations.  Between all the beautiful cookbooks available, online sources, food magazines, and of course my Pinterest boards, I have found that I repeatedly struggle with too many choices. Decision making has never been a strength of mine (just ask Andy or my Mom!) so with all the many possibilities available to me, sometimes it’s frankly overwhelming.

So, here I want you to chime in… what do you do when it comes to meal planning? What works or doesn’t for you? How do you stay organized with it all? I know several people who do this very successfully and I don’t feel like I am a failure at it, by any means, but it is an area that this year especially I am determined to conquer.  I love working on planning when I take the time to do so.  Please share any thoughts or suggestions… I’d truly love to hear!

And a happy weekend to all! xo


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  1. olinozzie says:

    Oh Gosh. I understand! Meal planning is kind of my nemesis in that I always want to do it, often try to do it, and then day 2 of the meal plan someone gives me a big bag of homegrown meyer lemons and suddenly butternut squash chowder sounds like the worst idea ever and all I can think of is making lemon zest ricotta pancakes with raspberry syrup and fresh cream. (Yes, this just happened.) What I’ve started to do recently, though, is to have a general repeating weekly meal ‘gesture’ of sorts. Like: Mondays, Soup something. Wednesdays, Roasted something. Fridays, Pizza something. …. it gives me the backbone of a meal plan but the freedom to change things around as I wish. I can shop for the basics of the week, then adjust as the spirit leads me. Keep us posted with your plans, would love to see a snapshot of your planning notes (as in, – do you do it all on your phone, do you write and draw in your day planner, do you copy your fav recipes from cookbooks into another notebook or binder?) LOVE YOU, Anna!

    • Anna Swanson says:

      Firstly, I may need you to email me that lemon ricotta pancake recipe!! 😉 Sounds amazing, and makes me wish even more we were neighbors!! I will definitely try to post more about how this works for me… I tend to like writing on paper, keeping track of things in a notebook vs. my phone. I just don’t like always having to rely on my phone, but Andy likes Evernote for his recipes, and always tries to get me to use it… I guess I’m a bit old-fashioned with the pen & paper thing. 😉

      We do a similar concept as you described, like taco tuesdays friday night pizza night, etc. but I do try to change it up a lot and because I do like cooking so much, and trying new things it is always my desire to do so… but the reality of being a mama of five, homeschooling, keeping house, etc always creeps up on me and gets the most of my time. Anyway, thank you for sharing, Brandi!! love YOU!! xo

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