we began to add daily poetry to our school schedule this year. we sit together picking out poems and reading some of our favorites for that day. the kids give their interpretations of the poems and it’s so interesting hearing how they think of the story each poem tells. every friday the kids choose their favorite poem of that week and do a piece of art with it. some of them write all the words out along with a drawing. sometimes it’s a simple watercolor, or sketch with colored pencil, or crayon. whatever the kids choose it’s always an imaginative interpretation of these silly or serious poems they are discovering.

out of our little collection the kids favorites are books by shel silverstein that were andy’s when he was young – a light in the attic and where the sidewalk ends. they always provide lots of laughter at the silliness in which he writes and illustrates. and as an adult i’m finding different meanings as well, that the kids may not recognize – which is what’s so fun about peoetry. it’s like it’s always evolving, there can be new meanings to the same poem day after day, year after year. coming up, i’m planning to add more shel silverstein books to our collection along with poetry 180 for the older kids. we’ve had so much fun with it i’m excited to carry this tradition on in our family for many years to come.


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