since we are renting our home and haven’t painted yet, i like lining our kitchen walls with beautiful recipes from magazines that i have… er, i mean i collect. donna hay is my favorite magazine for all things food, with simple and beautiful photography.  after reading, i not only want to make (all of!) the food represented, but it also makes me eager to style food in different ways when entertaining, or for any meal, really.


and because the magazine is an australian publication, the seasonal recipes are opposite our u.s. seasons. which means i often read through it once when i buy it, then pull it out again when the season is right (here in the states) for using those fresh ingredients. plus, it’s always fun to look at the mouthwatering images, and get fresh inspiration over and over again. in fact, i have a subscription to the ipad version but, to me, a magazine in print is so much better… to be able to hold it, bend it, mark it up with your own changes, and for this purpose too… decorating!



for the fall and winter seasons i chose lots of photos with darker colors since it went with the look of what was outside our kitchen windows. soon, i will change the “wallpapering” to some spring & summer recipes that we want to make, and also add a bit of color and vibrancy to our walls. but first, there’s a couple recipes hanging up that i’ve yet to make. garlic & thyme bread, and chocolate bourbon cupcakes with peanut butter icing. they may have to be included in our weekend feasting.


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  1. Juliza says:

    I love this Anna.

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