for our family, the months of september through february are filled with birthdays, holidays, and lots of celebrations to be had. during the other six months (march through august), our life is a tad bit more relaxed. enter summer break from school, which even though we do homeschool, proves to be an especially nice break. the past several weeks have consisted of lots of relaxing, fighting off colds, and just good ol’ playing, indoors & out. now that we are into august, i am preparing for the school year, birthdays, schedules, and getting life a bit more organized.

for me, i tend to like the structured days, but, if i’m being completely honest, i’m not always the best at executing or following through with them. i am sanguine in some ways, and simply distracted in most ways. (the kitchen is often the area that i get pulled in the most, what should i make today everyone?!)  plainly put, i don’t like the idea of structure, but i absolutely know it’s good, and necessary, for myself, our family, and our home. andy & i have had so many (an understatement) conversations about this; and i’m finally coming around.



i’m also fond of lists. cute notepads, papers, and journals sit all over my desk, surrounding me daily. and while i like making lists for everything, i am really good at forgetting my lists. i forget to check them throughout the day, and i forget them almost every single time i go to the market. the family has gotten used to me calling the house and asking someone to text me a picture of my list. anyone relate?

as we enter this new season of school and (enter the most excited emoticon) AUTUMN!! i am committing to stop with the distractions (constantly!), make lists to check off, and stay focused but simple in what is planned for our day. i’m a work in progress and realize i will always be. and frankly, i’m ok with that. xo

p.s. feel free to share any tips you may have with structure in your parenting/work/life/home etc on here!


3 Responses to seasons and structure.

  1. Debbie says:

    I hear ya, sista! I know structure is good for our family, yet I’m not naturally good at it. Joe and I just finished planning our school year and I’m excited to implement what we’ve come up with! We’ll see how long that lasts! Hoping much longer than last year:) And the list thing… happens to me every time! Hope you have a fantastic school year with lots of fun, food, and the right amount of structure! Hope all is well:)

  2. Maren says:

    All I can say is that whatever you are doing is working! Your children are learning, growing, being amazing people and friends. You and Andy entertain, love and lend a myriad of support to so many people’s lives. There is a beautiful mix of the healthy, hub-bub of life. Yep, you can try ( along with the rest of the world!) to be more organized, but I love how you always have room to drop the little things for the important thing. Happy Autumn to you!

  3. Dede Goddard says:

    Maren, I don’t know you, but beautifully put! I couldn’t agree with you more. Anna, although you may feel distracted and stray from your list, you really do have a very huge, constant focus on your children and the idea of family. I wish I was more “distracted” when Nathan and Natalie were little! Look at it as a gift and enjoy it!!

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