six months ago, today, we stepped into our new nashville home.  zoe brought this to my attention today, so i thought it would be fitting to share some bits and pieces of our journey through this past half-a-year!  last december, we left our home on the beach and drove out east with my in-laws – the two of them, plus andy & i each driving a vehicle. we had handheld radios so we could communicate with all the vehicles at once. (which was probably more fun for me and the kids, but also got a bit difficult with the correct translation of words! ha!)  zion and i still talk about the fun that we had on that roadtrip, and how we want to do it again… but, next time heading west to see our family in california.

since we’ve moved here we have had the greatest transition, and met the sweetest people. really, friends that we feel like we’ve known for years, and that we consider family.  at times it feels like we’ve been here much longer than six months, the way we feel so at home.  YES, we do miss our family tremendously – and all the kids’ cousins who they are all so close with. and there are those days where the oceanview from our bedroom window seems like just a distant memory from years ago. but here we have begun creating new memories.  from easter egg hunts and delicious meals, to mother’s day cookouts done by the kids, to dance parties, and water balloon fights – each event creating such special memories, and being shared with the dearest friends.

through our years of living in both seattle, and california, andy & i have recognized that in each of these places the culture is so different. and with each new move we are learning to embrace that culture that we become a part of. here in tennessee, or (apply accent) the south, it is such a warm, and welcoming place to be. there is such an ease at meeting new people, and that phrase “southern hospitality” is so, so true. but, until you experience it, it seems like something you see in the movies. but let me tell you, it’s comforting and extremely welcoming.  we are so happy to be here in nashville. i am falling more and more in love with this city every day.  life is a wonderful journey and i’m happy i can share pieces of it with y’all!


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