i am finding rhythm this week… actually this month. we have been here for almost one month now, and yes, there are still a few boxes to unpack and areas to get more organized, but it is time to get into a rhythm again. there are lots of things andy & i have been thinking about… i mean we are here in a new place, on a new adventure, doing new things that we are so, SO excited about. but we are also making sure we are intentional about how we use our time. it’s important to us to slow down a bit, and to show our kids the opposite of what society is showing them with a fast paced way of living. it is difficult when we are constantly bombarded with an energy that is silently screaming to go faster, do more, consume more… i am at fault too. zoe & i went to the cutest little pie shop today and as i waited for the barista to make me an iced coffee i realized just how impatient i was.  he was doing his art… finding the precise weight he wanted of the beans, grinding, weighing again, boiling the water, pouring the hot water from the tea kettle into his drip kettle, getting the ice, doing the pour over into the chemex, putting into a to-go cup and giving to me… happily, i might add.  and in the end i walked out feeling like i just spent time getting to know someone new. i feel a constant need to rush in my life, and i am not sure if it’s because we have five kids, so there is never not something to do, or be done. but, that is no excuse. i will choose to slow down and find simple joys this month (and year!) as we get into a new rhythm with school and life. i’m ready. it’s not going to be easy, i have to be intentional cause the world around me is screaming to hurry up.

oh, and this sweet picture is one zoe took on our drive here from california.  love how she appreciates the simple beauty in the sky up above.


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