happy first day of SPRING! when it comes to first day’s of new seasons, i get very excited about it. for me, it’s like a personal challenge to wait for that official day on the U.S. calendar to decorate, dress for that specific season, make seasonal foods, etc.  it really does seem a little goofy, but it’s a goofy part of who i am and i don’t mind it! ha! this morning has been a perfectly bright and spring-filled day, which i am so thankful for. beams of light streaming in through all the front rooms in our home (bringing attention to the dirty windows as well!); the kids playing outside, being kissed by the warmth of the rays; and new spring scents burning throughout the house. lemon, lavender, citrus, and herbs, new flavors are on my mind – and fresh vibrant colors everywhere!




around the house i’m eager to change everything around and get rid of the darker shades of winter, and bring out bright colors and spring florals. as the sun shines onto our dusty shelves and countertops, i’m ready to clear them off, sort through everything, get rid of what isn’t being used, or needed, and really get into some deep cleaning around here. for me, it’s a great time to not only think about spring cleaning our home, but to clean out some things in my own life. this week of spring break i have been reevaluating what is important to be spending my time on, and what i’m doing that is time-wasting.

my focus these days can become all too easily distracted with not only a home full of kids and friends over, but all the distractions of the internet/social media that can suck up one’s time like no other! i have been choosing to be online less, and cutting back time on my phone. we’ve made a saying in our home present people first; meaning if we are talking to a child, or an adult, we are ALL there.. not partly looking at an email, partly looking at the person. present with that individual. it’s easier said than done (have i said that a million times before?!?!), but one we are committed to as a family.

to a breath of fresh air in our home, and in our hearts, with a touch of warmth loosening up the musty days of winter and lightening everything up. happy sunshiny spring day to you!!

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