i love where we live.  there is such beauty surrounding us.  we back up to a creek where our deck overlooks the multitude of trees lining it. the other day, the boys chose to draw a landscape of their view off the deck. it was so calming to watch them in their stillness.  here in tennessee, we have so much more yard than our last home.  when i watch them outside exploring it makes me want to settle on some land, maybe even a farm with animals.  chickens, goats, and a dog are all on my mind lately.  what is becoming of me!?  there’s just something about country living that brings me such peace.  maybe it’s part of the slowing down we are experiencing. i think i might look for this book to study a bit more of farm living with the kids.  happy friday everyone.


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  1. Mary Stokes says:

    Your grandparents and great grandparents were farmers. It must be in the blood. Glad to hear it!

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