Spring is officially here.  And, in typical Nashville style the weather dropped to the thirties and we’ve been layering up again. The past couple of weeks, however, have been beautiful and bright and we’ve been pulling out our warm weather clothing once again.  Trees are budding and blooming, the streets are lined with the most vivid pink and yellow blooms, and the lawns are turning from pale brown to a spring green.  I love this time of year.  Like all the seasons, I find the change refreshing. It provides a time to enjoy a new start, to freshen up, clean out, move things around. I have always loved moving and rearranging things. Ever since I was a little girl it’s been something I dream about. Walking into any given home, I will do a quick glance and then redesign it in my own mind, as to what I would do if I lived in that space. Designing homes is one of my passions, and one I’m looking forward to doing more of soon.

As we step into spring, I am specifically honing in on some of my own passions and interests. In order to do so, I have spent the past couple of months learning how to find good rest, as well as discovering what my body needs to feel replenished. While I can’t say I have found the answer, I have developed some habits and rhythms that work well for me. One thing I know is that rest is something specific to each individual. How I am fulfilled and refreshed is very different than Andy. As a couple, we have acknowledged and learned how to make the time and effort to meet both of our needs.  In doing so, we have found much more peace and grace throughout our weeks with kids, work, and our daily tasks. I know that what is ahead for us is going to require a good balance of rest and action so this has been a good time of growth for us as a family.

Another area I am excited about is cooking! Looking at new recipes, seeing seasonal fruits pop up at the market (hello strawberries!), and doing more outdoor bbq is a nice change from the heartier winter menu we’ve enjoyed.  I really do love the cold, winter months. I love finding coziness in all of it.  And, I believe that the seasons are given to us and our bodies for specific reasons.  I think that we need a time of year to build strength for the upcoming warm months. Winter is a beautiful time for reflection, in our bodies and how we eat… foods that warm and deeply nourish. As well as reflecting with our minds, dreaming and planning for the days where productivity is at it’s peak and the daylight has been extended. In our home, finding meals that don’t weigh us down, but invigorate us and get others involved in the kitchen (inside or out), brings us fulfillment and togetherness. We have been watching a show on Netflix titled COOKED. Have any of you watched it? It has me thinking so much more about where our food comes from, how things originated, culturally and how we can change some of our eating habits. I love finding challenges like this and making some healthy changes for our home.

Happy Spring to all of you! I hope you are finding inspiration in the change of the season wherever you are. xo

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