this week provided some of the coldest weather nashville has seen in several years, as well as some of the coldest i’ve lived in myself. not even in seattle do i remember it getting to the single digit temperatures.  the snow that was expected to fall here, didn’t actually happen… which, honestly, was a bit sad for our family. we took monday as a snow day here as all the nashville schools shut down. we had cocoa and played board games, all day. the temperature dropped as low as 1°F, and the wind chill was said to be in the negatives. we didn’t venture out too much for a couple of days, but by mid-week the weather was back up to the 30’s and we were outdoors feeling like it was summertime compared to the two days prior. the kids played with a block of ice that formed in a bucket we have outside. their version of ice hockey on the deck. and the snow that did lightly dust stayed for a few days and was rather lovely to gaze upon. we are anxiously awaiting some snowy days ahead that provides enough to build a snowman and have a legitimate snowball fight. i love these cold and cozy days.

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