life_7these days…

· the kids are constantly outside: riding bikes, spraying one another with the hose, down by the creek, or making up games together.

· school has been winding down and we are in our final week. (although, friends got out last week and honestly, it’s a little hard to not just call it DONE!)

· there are lots of boxes being delivered which equals silly-shaped forts for ottie.

· we’ve been reading a new favorite series and can’t wait for the next books to come out.

· ottie has been loving her one on one dates at the park with her oldest “adopted” sister.

· i’m pulling out summer recipes and making lots of lemonades, teas, and the newest ginger-limeade (delicious!); and loving every second in our little kitchen, making food for the ones i love.

· our days are full, but balanced. i’m learning to leave the messes for moments on the couch snuggling. and every day is rich because of this dear family of mine.


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