growing up in a family of four (mom, dad, and my brother), i always wondered what it would be like if i did have a sister. (in fact my mom and i used to talk about what it would be like if she had another girl and named her zoe!) it was eleven years of motherhood (to one girl and three boys) before having another daughter and watching our own two girls become the sweetest of sisters.

when i was pregnant with ottilie, we chose not to find out what the sex was, like we had done with our other four. zoe and i were pretty convinced that i was carrying another boy. i mean, truthfully, after birthing three boys in a row we weren’t exactly very hopeful that it would be a girl. after ottilie was born, the excitement of having another girl in our family was a little bit unbelievable! ottie began to even things out… a bit.

these days, these two sisters have such a dear relationship, and i just know as the years go on their time together is going to grow into an even deeper and more meaningful friendship. as for now, i’m loving the way they share cookie dough (plus a love for all things sweet!), watch movies together, dress up dolls, and share a love for books. i love every bit of this wonderful family of ours. xo


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