one of our motto’s that we have taken on this past year is to “love well.” every gathering with our church ends with an admonishing for us to “go and love well.” it is something that i am daily reminded of as it is on our little green chalkboard that sits above our couch.

for this new year, i am looking forward to it as a year of love. being love to others. sharing the love of our family and home with those in need. loving those who just need a place to be, with no agenda. loving well. part of the idea of slowing down, (which was another big theme for us in 2013), has been noticing the small moments in each day, and choosing to set down the phone, the broom, the pile of laundry, and be present with my family, or at times, myself. now that i’m recognizing these moments (still a work in progress), i want to slow my mind down enough to really love how i need to, at that very moment. i am the first to admit that i can snap or respond with the wrong tone because my head is thinking of myself and my own needs, rather than the one who is speaking to me. i want to take my mind off my own (often) crazy thoughts and refocus on the people in my life, their needs and desires.

what i grew up calling ‘new years resolutions’ have changed somewhat for our family over the years. i believe that dreaming big and setting small, achievable goals to get there is an important part of life. andy & i ask each one of our kids to set a goal or two for the entire year, and then we work with them throughout the year to attain each goal. i’m excited to share some of my hopes for this year with you in the next couple of weeks. please make notes on here, as well… what are some of your personal, or family goals for this year? i would love to hear!!

to a happy & loving 2014.  xo



3 Responses to this year.

  1. Dede Goddard says:

    So happy to hear that you have chosen such good intentions for 2014. I too have a word for this year,
    Gratitude…everyday appreciating my family, friends, strangers(!), myself (which isn’t easy!), this beautiful place that we call home, our station in life (wrinkles and all!)…
    Loving well with gratitude,

  2. Michelle Traina says:

    Anna, just read this today and then I read your post. They seem to go hand in hand! Happy New Year!

  3. Mary Stokes says:

    My goal for 2014 is “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thes 5:16-18. I think this just about covers everything! To a great 2014!

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