In our home we often have a multitude of actions happening all at once.  And, then there are the quiet moments, when everyone is happily playing together or on their own, or let’s face it in this day & age, consumed by an electronic device (which is a whole ‘nother conversation/battle with me… but we will skip that altogether!) But, most of the hours during our week are constant, full, loud, non-stop, and frankly can be enough to make me feel crazy some days.  What in the world are we thinking having five kids, homeschooling, working from home, living in a smaller space, trying to do and be all!?*#$?! Ha! So true, are these thoughts of mine, and then something like this happens… Kids begin to fend for themselves, pick up their own messes, ask if they can do anything to help me?!? (I get this one daily!!…How lucky am I?!!) We have the sweetest, most giving, kind, and generous kids. Patient beyond measure, and thankful for the things we have and not complaining of the things we don’t. They are truly happy kids.  We could be having steak or cereal for dinner, and their responses are always with a grateful heart. As a mom, when I have those few seconds to really step back and remove myself from the crazy, I notice. I really do see just how fortunate we are. How NOT crazy we have been, and what a joy it is to be allowed to parent and raise these wonderfuls on this adventurous life we’ve been given.  It stops me in my tracks and humbles me, constantly. I am so very thankful.



2 Responses to thoughts of a mama.

  1. Jineen says:

    Please tell me how to get my kids to ask if they can help me???:)

    • Anna Swanson says:

      Jineen, sorry I forgot to respond last week! We try to teach our kids to serve the family, in whatever way that means. For Ezra, his name literally means “helper” so he’s always naturally had that tendency to serve. Not all of them do so naturally, but because we try to instill serving as a value in our home, they see one another do it and pick up. Hope that helps! 🙂

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