during the school year, friday’s tend to be the day that we like to bake something fun for breakfast.  today i woke up wanting to try a new recipe, but of course, i wanted it to be full of autumns flavors. i decided to look on the williams-sonoma website, as i have never had a bad recipe of theirs in the past.  (we still use their stuffing recipe every thanksgiving that is our absolute favorite)!  i found just the perfect coffee cake to try… and it included pumpkin. yum.

i had a small amount of pecans on hand, so i only added a portion of the amount recommended. it still tasted delicious. and, like the recipe says, it’s light on the pumpkin flavor and not too heavy of a cake. it would be delicious with a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon as well… something i’m sure will happen here today. (wink wink)!

recipe is here. hope you try it out!

happy autumn & have a wonderful weekend!!





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