peeking into the refrigerator this morning i was reminded that we had some fresh strawberries left from the weekend’s tres leches cake. i had been wanting to try out these strawberry scones that i saw on pinterest a few weeks back; and they seemed to be just the thing for a quick and yummy breakfast.



the great thing about scones, or biscuits, (these were much more like a strawberry biscuit) is that they come together easily and are always fun for the kids to make. ottilie and axel helped me brush on the cream (i ended up using half & half for this step since i used up all the cream we had in the recipe) and then sprinkled them with sugar.


the recipe suggests adding white chocolate to them, which we did not. they also are very little, using a biscuit cutter just over an inch in size; so i did some as mini ones (as the recipe says), and then cut some out slightly bigger which made them about the size of a small cookie.  they are ready to have on the table, or for a perfect afternoon snack, in no time!

recipe can be found here.

you can find me on pinterest here.



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  1. Emily says:

    Yum! Mail me one! (Jk)

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