Cake for breakfast is a preeetty usual thing around here. Growing up my mom would almost always eat leftover cake for breakfast, and with that… Mom, you set a wonderful example I’m happy to carry on!! 

Today, we had some extra apples in the bowl so I decided to make one of the easiest cakes to do on a whim. Over the weekend I made a different apple bundt, one more complex than this (that I will share at a later time), but after eating it yesterday I found myself craving more apple goodness all day long.

I first came across this recipe on one of my favorite food blogs (who now has a beautifully written cookbook, which includes the cake!), and it has been on rotation ever since. I used Granny Smith apples this morning, but any of your favorite baking apples would work wonderfully. The warm autumn flavors make the house smell like coziness all morning long! It would be delicious with a maple cream cheese icing, as Ashley suggests in the book, although I have never been patient enough to whip up an icing to accompany the cake. Let me know if you try it.

Recipe can be found here.


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  1. Mary Stokes says:

    I don’t suppose you were talking about your Mom eating coffee cake?! OK so if I really ate cake for breakfast, I’m sure it was NOT very often!!!

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