this morning andy made us english muffins from this cookbook, and honestly, i can never eat another thomas’ again. they were buttery, and just the right bite to them. with some jam and more butter they instantly became a new favorite of ours. if you have the tartine cookbooks, please make these!

i know this blog is not a foodie blog, but recently we’ve been having so much goodness come out of our kitchen i just have to share. i’m planning to do many more stories from our kitchen, and maybe even a peek at the tiny kitchen of ours. because really, with a large family and a passion for cooking, baking, and eating (!!) it’s bound to come out in this piece of life i share on here.  and i hope you don’t mind. it’s been so much fun writing and sharing bits of our life with you all and i am thankful for your responses and encouragements. have a beautiful day!



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3 Responses to today’s breakfast.

  1. Emily A. Bennetch says:

    Love this!!!! Anna, your writing reminds me of Anne Voskamp’s…the woman who wrote “One Thousand Gifts”….you cherish each moment and see it as a gift placed before you from the Father…whether it’s bubbles, a smile, a studious face, or buttery delicious yummies!
    Love you each bajillions and then to infinity!
    p.s. I saw Zoe’s hand with double rings on her ring finger and my stomach flipped a bit…she likes her momma’s style;)

  2. Dana (Evans) Ackland says:

    Do it! We aren’t foodies but I love your take on all things food, family & connecting in the kitchen! And if we ever do become foodies I’m all set!

  3. Anna Swanson says:

    thanks dana & em! your words are so sweet!! 🙂 xo

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