confession: as one who likes to take photos of all the cuteness happening constantly, i’ve been realizing that, at times – maybe more often than not, it can be too much (insert annoying) for those i’m with every day. in an effort to change that, and be fully present, i intentionally left the camera at the apartment much of the time, while we vacationed. for two weeks away i must say i did pretty good with my personal goal of enjoying the moment and not having to document every fun/cute/silly/adorable thing we did. it was a good practice and i know my kids appreciated the time without the camera.




waking with excitement at the crack of dawn, we left on a sunday and spent the day driving down to florida; a 12-hour trip. we are raising our five to enjoy roadtrips, look out at new territory and see the beauty all around us. and, we have done our fair share of them (not to mention moving across the country last december and the kids all loving the five day drive!)  so, twelve hours doesn’t seem very crazy to us, and i’m glad for that. (people may think we are crazy though! ha!)

our time in orlando took us away from the fall weather in nashville and right back to living at the beach in california.  it was warm, the sun was shining, we did lots of swimming, playing at legoland, and relaxing. andy worked some of the time, the kids played and read, and i had some alone time while ottilie napped. being able to sit with a cup of tea and read a book was a treat for me. being a mom has always been a dream of mine since i was a little girl, but i am the first to admit, i need some time to myself every now and then… it feeds my soul.




there were newly made up pool games and night swimming.  each morning i would see the fresh layer of sun on the kids faces, another reminder of our days back in california. after a week in orlando, we drove north, along the coast, to myrtle beach in south carolina. stopping in charleston was a highlight and somewhere we will definitely be back to visit. i pretended i was in france the whole time and the people all had accents. (so much fun!)

while at myrtle beach, we celebrated ezra’s eleventh birthday with balloons, gifts, homemade eggs benedict, pizza, strawberry cake, and a day of miniature golf. i have never seen so many putt-putt golf centers in my life. the east coast beach scene is very different than what we are used to as west coast-ers. the weather was much colder than we had planned for, and what we had come from in orlando. the pool time was a bit less frequent for andy & i, however the kids played in the heated pools every day.












fun fact: andy showed the kids pismo beach on his u.s. map and we realized that one year ago we were living almost directly across the country from where we were standing. ocean to ocean, coast to coast. the atlantic was just as stunning as the pacific and the sun sparkled upon the water like glitter. it was breathtaking.






for our last night we bought some fresh blue crab and had a crab boil for dinner; one of our favorite meals. this trip made andy & i more homesick than we’ve been all year. it was a beautiful reminder of our sweet friends and family back home who we love and miss… and the california coast, which, really is like no other.





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  1. Kristina Kidwell says:

    Amazing. So glad you created thi blog. It’s beautiful.

  2. I love hearing about adventures : ) And, I love LOVE that I got to see your smile today, too : ) hugs!!!!

  3. Katie Erb says:

    Miss you too!!!!!! 😉

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