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We spent last week up north in Minneapolis for a first time visit for both myself and our kids.  For the past several years, well, since Andy’s Nintendo days, he has worked with people and companies based out of the Minneapolis area. Because of this, he has traveled there quite a bit himself, but we finally decided to join him and road-trip up the beautiful midwestern states to check it out for ourselves.

For all these years we have talked about the state of Minnesota with a bit of an aversion… but, with no legitimate reason, truthfully.  It has just been in the past year or two that the kids and I have begun to ask Andy about their winters, since snow became an occasional occurrence to us living here in Nashville. What do they do when it gets below zero?!! Is it true that you can spit outside and it freezes mid-air?!?! (WHAT?!)

Well, after visiting, my mind has completely changed about this beautiful northern area of the midwest.  Not only was it an immense reminder of our days in Seattle, (which were some of our favorites), but it is an area that breathes.  I don’t know quite how else to explain it.  There is space everywhere. There are lakes almost in every area you drive. There is clean air which didn’t cause any of us any allergies (YAY!). There is an easy-going attitude that isn’t “rush-rush”, and I liked that.  Overall, we all really liked it.  And we met some pretty fun people too. 🙂

I will share a bit more later on, but for now… my heart is starting to fall for the great north.


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