Early mornings are quickly becoming a very enjoyable routine for me. For years and years I have attempted, and failed repeatedly, the ‘rising early plan.’ The dawn of a new day with time to create, read, think, in peace and quiet… all prior to a house full of kids awakening was the hope.  In the past few months, I have turned what was torture getting out of bed (and in the winter nonetheless!), into something I quite look forward to. A dark home, candles lit, coffee in hand, just me and the moon, and a clear mind. What I didn’t realize was just how refreshed I would feel in having this time; how organizing my day would make me feel… even if we didn’t get to all that was planned; and how that time alone to feed my soul with all that is necessary for me to flourish was becoming a beautiful habit. This may just be one of the greatest gifts I do for myself this year… welcoming the practice of being up with the moon.

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  1. Karen Curran says:

    I’m so happy for you, Anna!

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