If you know our family at all, you know that ice cream is a favorite around here. Whether it’s homemade (our preference, of course), or out of a box from the market (or let’s be real, a pint for each adult!), it is a comfort passed down from generations before. So, when we are visiting new places and one or two of the ice cream shops in the area have made it onto Andy’s top 5 list of best ice creams (that he has stored in his memory), we stop for ice cream.

Ottilie may be the one who loves ice cream just as much as Andy, if not more. It is a special trait, one she shares with her Grandma C as well. Last night Andy mixed up a mint-chip shake and tried to tell her it was soup. She asked him many questions around the idea of it being soup, and finally asked to try it. After tasting it, and as loud as she could she said, That’s NOT soup!! There’s no fooling her when it comes to the creamy cold goodness. No matter the season, ice cream is always on the menu when you’re a Swanson.

Happy weekend, everyone! xo

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