What a wonderful holiday it was! And just a few more days and we are headed into the new year… which brings much excitement and anticipation for all the possibilities ahead. I hope everyone of you taking a peek at this little blog is enjoying the moments with those you love, near and far, and finding peace in the days we are in.  Happy holidays to all + may it be a wonderful new year for you!

And a little December recap…

+ Morning watercolors after a “lesson” with daddy.
+ Extra pastry dough for endless playing.
+ Helping dad make rocky road and lifting the heavy bag of chocolate chips!
+ Cooling “station” for some baked goods for friends… rocky road / coffee toffee / pumpkin tea loaves / fudge
+ I will never tire of seeing their height differences, until years from now when they’re similar in height and the best of friends.
+ Ultra-grainy but memorable snapshot of the kids piled up on a bottom bunk during the tornado warning happening Christmas Eve 2015!
Can I just have one more?!??
+ Teenage girls making some chocolate-filled gifts for their friends.
+ Hours before the tornado passed through middle Tennessee.
+ Glowing candlelight from a very special candleholder made from wood that propped the almond trees on the Swanson ranch…something that we will carry with us wherever we may go.
+ This may have been consumed several days in a row for me… brie forever please!!
+ Making breakfast with this little muffin maker.
+ The day after Christmas, enjoying the calm.


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  1. Christine says:

    Coffee toffee?!? I need that recipe! Not only are the words made to magically rhyme but I can smell the combo from here!

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