Recently, Ottie has been sounding out her letters and asking what certain “words” spell… Mom what does C-L-O spell!? My response, if possible, is to turn her “word” into an actual word and to teach her how to write it and sound it out.  If you add the letters “S-E “to the end of “C-L-O” it turns into the word close.  Our other kids weren’t this interested in making up their own words by writing random letters and making a word out of it, so this is a bit new with her, and very fun! And I think she’s quite bright for a four-year old sounding out her letters, and now beginning to understand that every word must have a vowel too! She is a fun one to teach.

With all this spelling she’s been doing lately, she has discovered the word Y-O-U.  This one is my favorite. Multiple times a day, no less than a dozen, she comes to me and says in her sweet soft-spoken voice…

Mom! Guess who I love?!!?…

Gahhhhh! My heart has melted nearly one-hundred times as this has been a regular occurrence over the past week. And every time she says it I squeeze her tight and she hugs me back and smiles as big as she can while repeating it over again. There is something so bittersweet about kids getting older, accomplishing little feats, and leaving the baby behind. We’ve done it four times and with her, we are trying to hang onto every single moment because we do know how quickly it goes by before she will be a teenager borrowing my clothes.

Today, while giving me a “gift” she made for me, her kind-hearted voice asked me if I knew who she loved. Who?! I asked her, as I opened it up and saw the page adorned with the letters Y-O-U, repeatedly. Y-O-U she said, smiling. This gift is more than a piece of paper. These words I will save and cherish for all of my days, because Guess who I love, little one? … Y-O-U. 


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